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Discipleship at Mount Carmel

We are a people bound together to accomplish the work that God has for us, to make disciples. We are called to Love God and to Love People. To find out more about what this looks like, we encourage you to hear it directly from some of our friends.

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August Sermon Series

We all desire to be told the truth, right? I think the desire to be told the truth is something that is deeply rooted in human nature. However, finding the truth isn't always easy. Daily, we're met with decisions on whether to believe something as true or to classify it as false. There is no shortage of truth found in scripture. Yet, sometimes reading scripture and furthermore understanding scripture in its context can be difficult. So, if we believe scripture to be true and important, how should we begin to read it? Let's find out together.

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Our online video series "TADDTalks" and August Sunday Sermon series "Tell me the Truth" are dedicated to discovering answers to questions you have about living out our faith and the Bible. So we want to hear from you! Please send us your questions and ideas by using the button below: