Every Sunday, 11am - Noon

Adult Bible Fellowship

Leader: Joe Denton

Mount Carmel Christian Church: 4110 Bach Buxton Road, Batavia, OH US 45103

Join us for our Adult Bible Study at 11:00 am during 2nd service in Room 123.

TOPIC: Genesis in Depth
This will be an in-depth look at the first three chapters of Genesis. Were there six literal days or figurative with each day encompassing a 1,000 years? Were the first animals all vegetarian? Who is the author and how does the Genesis account of creation compare to other historical documents. How did it all happen scientifically? This will be a six-week course, and depending on interest we could do a class trip to the Creation Museum. Hope to see you all there! Just bring your Bible and a friend!

Leader: Joe Denton


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