Caring for our community

Mount Carmel Christian Church is financially supported and resourced through the faithful generosity of our church family. Your gifts allow the church to serve as a transformation hub in our community and across the globe. Partnerships with several local ministries help support vital work across our community. Monthly support is sent to 8 international missionaries serving abroad to share the message of Christ. When you give to MCCC, you are working in partnership with Mt Carmel to fulfill our mission to “Love God, Love People”.

Whether your gift is of time, talent, or treasure, giving is a way of showing that God is ultimately the owner and ruler of this world and our lives. One aspect of spiritual growth is to trust God’s directives in our lives, including the way we manage resources and finances.

The tithe, or giving 10% of your income, is a baseline training in faithful generosity which was practiced by the faithful in the Old Testament. We encourage Jesus followers who want to experience the faithfulness of God to start tithing. Sacrificial giving, over and above the tithe, is practiced by many followers of Christ to further strengthen their commitment to the Kingdom. If you are currently giving, but not tithing, we encourage you to increase the level of your gifts as your circumstances permit. Investing and participating in the local church is a way to make the kingdom of God more visible in the world.


Give a real gift in a virtual way with secure, simple and flexible options, which allow for the scheduling of recurring or one–time gifts charged to a checking account, debit or credit card.


  1. Give electronically with a smartphone. Download Mount Carmel CC App for Apple or Android. You can select giving from the front menu and follow steps to set up a PushPay profile.
  2. Click the button below to give now.

2. Bank Billpay or Mailed Checks

Make checks payable to "Mount Carmel Christian Church" and mail to:
Mount Carmel Christian Church
Attn: Finance Department
4110 Bach Buxton Road
Batavia, Ohio 45103


When giving appreciated stock, you will receive donation credit for the value of the stock on the date we receive. In most cases, you do not have to pay taxes on the appreciated value. If the stock has lost value, you can also receive an enhanced tax benefit. Sell it, claim the loss on your income tax return, and receive donation credit for the cash proceeds that you give to Mount Carmel Christian Church. In either case, please contact your tax advisor as these enhanced tax benefits may not be applicable in some situations.

Before initiating any stock donation, please notify Jeff Perrine, our Associate Minister of Administration Ministries, that this transaction will be taking place.


To give a year-end gift, all stock transactions must be initiated by the first week of December. If you are giving by check, the IRS requires all checks to be postmarked by Dec. 31. If you are giving with PushPay, your donation must be initiated before midnight on December 31.


Using Church Community Builder (CCB), you can view personal giving statements online. To use this feature, you need a CCB login. CLICK HERE TO GET STARTED. Select Sign Up, and you will receive an automatic email reply to create a username and password. If the email used does not match what we have in our church database, Mount Carmel Christian Church will be notified and we will manually create your account.

  1. When you sign on there will be a box on the upper right hand side with your name. Click on that, a drop down menu will appear.
  2. Click on “Profile”.
  3. The page that pops up will have 6 tabs “Activity”, “Family”,…”Financial”. Click on the “Financial” tab.
  4. Below it you will see “Printable Statements”, right below that is “Giving Statement” Click on “Giving Statement”.
  5. Go to “Quick Date Range” and click on the arrow, scroll down to “Last Year” and click on it.
  6. Lastly go down to the black area and click on “Run Report”.

If you run into any problems, just contact the office at 528-0230. If you have any questions, please email Connie Butler.

Weekend Information

Sunday, December 10tH, 2017

: 763
Students : 51
Children : 167
Total : 981


This Week : $35,286.93
Weekly Budget : $25,059.00
Year to Date : $1,359,025.43
Annual Budget : $1,303,068.00
(as of week 49)
Mount Carmel Christian Church's fiscal year begins on January 1 and ends on December 31.

SMALL GROUPS : 315 People (24 Groups)
2017 NEW MEMBERS : 76
2017 BAPTISMS : 47

Hurricane Special Offering 9/10/2017
$11,915.00 total raised
$5,957.50 to M25:M
$5,957.50 to IDES