By Lisa Davis

Parenting. It’s one of the most amazing times in our lives! There’s nothing like holding a new baby! The smell, the baby yawns, the sleepy smiles, the milk coma! It’s an overwhelming feeling of God’s goodness, isn’t it? The toddler and preschool years are full of awe and wonder. Everything is new; new words, new foods, new ways to express happiness and frustration. 

The elementary years can be described as these phases: ‘Look at me!’, ‘that sounds fun!’ and ‘I’ve got this!’. If you’re parenting an elementary-aged child right now, I’m pretty sure you can easily connect those phases with the grade your child is currently in.

While middle schoolers typically get a bad rap, they’re really just trying to communicate what they need when their hormones are going absolutely bonkers! It’s a time when parents need to take advantage of teachable moments. There are happy tears and angry tears as kids navigate friendships, new freedoms, and, perhaps, new responsibilities. 

High school is a time when you need to turn up the parenting dial of influence. Be that positive influence that your child so desperately needs. Hold them close and keep the lines of communication open. Create intentional times of conversation. And yes, your child still needs boundaries to keep both their hearts, bodies, and minds protected. 

Kids don’t come with instructions! But God gives us wisdom from His Word. I’d like to share some of my favorite parenting books with you this week as you navigate this very high calling of parenthood. These books are based on truth and can support whatever stage you’re walking through with your child.

Parenting is Wonder-Full by Sue Miller and Holly Delich – nursery + pre-k focus

Raising Great Kids by Dr. Henry Cloud and Dr. John Townsend – all ages

Series for elementary children by Lee Strobel:

The Case for Faith for Kids

The Case for a Creator for Kids

The Case for Christ for Kids

Impress Faith on Your Kids by Mark Holmen – This book presents step-by-step instructions of living out your faith at home – Deuteronomy 6:7

Every Parent’s Guide to Navigating our Digital World by Kara Powell – This book is a must-have for helping your children use technology safely and responsibly. The internet isn’t going away. Let’s help our kids navigate it safely. Each chapter has helpful questions that you need to ask your children! It’s never too late to have these conversations.

18+ Parenting Your Emerging Adult by Steven Argue and Kara Powell – If you’re not experiencing it yet, you’ll find that your young adult needs you more as they have to do parts of life for the very first time. ‘Adulting’ is more challenging than they realize. How can you lean in without hovering?

Mama Bear Apologetics: Empowering Your Kids to Challenge Culture Lies by Hillary Morgan Ferrer – This book is my new favorite! We all have concerns about what culture is teaching our children. Don’t throw your hands in the air! Educate yourself and teach your children how to discern truth from lies according to God’s Word.

These books will be available for you to look through on our Family Resource Wall. They’re also available to check out for at-home reading.

As always, Moms and Dads, know I’m here for conversation, and our entire staff at Mount Carmel is cheering you on!

With Joy,