Kids Don’t Come With Instructions | Helpful Parenting Resources

By Lisa Davis Parenting. It’s one of the most amazing times in our lives! There’s nothing like holding a new baby! The smell, the baby yawns, the sleepy smiles, the milk coma! It’s an overwhelming feeling of God’s goodness, isn’t it? The toddler and preschool years are full of awe and wonder. Everything is new; new words, new foods, new ways to express happiness and [...]

May 6, 2021|

Paving the Road to Restoration of Happy Church

By Tim Peace In late February of this year, massive flooding wreaked havoc upon Jackson, Kentucky, including our ministry partner,  Happy Church. According to Tim Pride, Campus Manager here at Mount Carmel Christian Church, eight out of ten Happy Church structures were devastatingly damaged. Additions our team had previously made to their gymnasium were left in utter ruin. The thrift shop, which allows Happy Church [...]

April 29, 2021|

Money Worries

By Didi Bacon I have a tendency to worry about money. If the bank account starts to go down, I get this tightness in my chest. My peace gets disturbed. The reason for this, I figured out, is because I am afraid of not having enough money to pay the bills. I like to have a nest egg of cash to provide me security against [...]

April 22, 2021|

Thank You Lord!

The Psalms are the lyrics to worship songs sung by the people of Israel. King David wrote Psalm 9. Here is the opening line to Psalm 9: I will give thanks to the Lord with all my heart; I will tell of all Your wonders. Psalm 9:1 NASB The heart of worship is thanksgiving to God. Thanksgiving is powerful when it gets specific, when you [...]

January 26, 2021|