As a church, we support eight excellent ministries around the world. We also partner with local vendors that are making an international impact through their humanitarian efforts. A portion of our offering is allocated to distribute to our partners monthly. The church conducts a series of updates and events to help connect our congregation to our missionary partners.


Our Team
Meets to periodically to pray for international and local missions and to plan how our church can connect our community to what God is doing across the world. Please consider joining us!


Central India

Missionaries: Jay & Romola Henry, Ernest & Numreta McFarland, and staff.
Mission: Church Planting, Discipleship Training, University Teaching.
About: Jay and Ramola Henry and Ernest and Numreta McFarland strive to help “our fellow Christians become more self-sustaining and better able to contribute to the communities they live in.” The Bethlehem Bible College offers tuition-free full-term college degrees, seminars, workshops, camps, conferences, widow and preschool support, disaster relief, and clean water projects.

China, North Korea, Cambodia, and the Philippines

Missionaries: C.Y. Kim, Patricia Kim, Thomas Kim
Mission: Medical Clinics, Food Clinics, Evangelism, Language Training
About: Dr. CY & Patricia Kim established this mission which has provided for the spiritual and physical needs of these countries since 1998. They evangelize through building orphanages, housing for lepers, medical clinics and a school for disabled children. In Bacoor City, the Philippines, The Boat Kids Club provides education, food, and healthcare.

Italy & Albania

Missionaries: Pino & Evelina Neglia, Mondji Gjoni, and Arian Kosta
Mission: Church-planting in Italy and Albania, discipleship training, restoration teaching.
About: Pino Neglia, is a native of Lecce, Italy, a town of about 125,000 in the heel of the boot of Italy. The church in Lecce is self-supporting, so Pino’s main work is leadership development, organizing the annual conference for all the churches in Italy, and producing a Christian magazine to help disciple Italian Christians. He also has a ministry among a large number of immigrants in southeast Italy. This mission has expanded its work to two church plants across the Aegean Sea to Albania.

Gonaives, Haiti

Missionaries: Salonique & Jean Adolphe
Mission: Christian Schooling, Church Planting, Evangelism and Discipleship Training
About: Since 2003, Salonique and Holgine Adolphe have been transforming Haiti by applying the Great Commission of Jesus through education. The Christian Biblical Seminary of the Caribbean (CBSC), Living Water Christian School and Professional and Technique Center of the Caribbean equip Haitians of all ages in job skills and evangelism. An “adopt-a-child” program also factors into the ministry efforts. A farm and medical clinic support basic needs. Living Water Christian Church has grown to three locations.


Missionaries: Natasha Reimer (US), Hussein Amanov & Staff
Mission: Refugee Work Among Ukrainian Nationals, Baby Ward Ministries, Foster Family Programs and National Church Support.

About: Natasha Reimer (US) and Hussein Amanov (Ukrainian Staff) work together to bring hope and healing to at-risk children and families. They provide for the needs of abandoned or neglected babies and toddlers at the state hospitals, counseling for single mothers, support for foster and adoptive families, and care for displaced and at-risk families They also partner with local churches through training to increase their capacity to minister.


Missionaries: Saleem & Nylah Massey
Mission: Church Planting, Discipleship Training, Advocacy, Vocational Training.
About: Missionaries Dr. Saleem Naylah Massey. In 1989 Pastor Saleem Massey’s ministry vision was “to plant 12 churches, start a Bible school and a hospital.” Some 26 years later he has planted 16 churches, multiple schools and founded The Good Shepherd Christian Hospital in Kasur, Pakistan where Christian and Muslim doctors work together. Ground-breaking for an outpatient clinic to complement the hospital took place on Palm Sunday, 2017.


Missionaries: Rondy, Gregory, & Analynn Ohrenberg
Mission: Bible Translation Among Nations w/o Written Language.
About: Gregory & Rondy Ohrenberg have been serving PBT in Vanuatu since 2005. They not only painstakingly translate Scripture into the dialects of the people of Vanuatu but live among them, ministering through daily life and Bible studies. Out of nearly 7,000 languages spoken in the world today, more than 1,900 have no Scripture— not even a word. PBT is confident churches will be using Scripture in every language group on earth by 2050.

Chris Van Huss

I’ve been married to my wife Jody since 1998. We have three adolescent children: Kaylee, Kristen, and Samuel. I have been a part of Mount Carmel since 1997. I’m a full-time high school teacher and part-time supply house sales.