Life and growth occurs in a series of steps. From the first steps as a baby, the first day of school, first job, marriage or the birth of a new child, we get to experience the excitement of taking new steps along our journey.

Life in faith works in a similar way. We have the excitement of beginning a new relationship with God. Then, we experience growth and development as we take each new step to develop our faith journey.

At Mount Carmel, we want to help you take your next steps in faith. We offer opportunities for you to grow in your relationship with God, your relationship with the church community and in serving others.

Committing to attend our weekly services is a great way to start your faith journey. To enrich the experience, you can explore the Bible passages referenced in greater depth during the week. The weekly bulletin has a set of questions that will help you to reflect on the topic and its life application. You can also listen to the sermon again in the Media section of the website.

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Volunteering is a great way to get connected into the community and to begin to grow in service. For more information about volunteer opportunities at Mount Carmel, visit our serving pages.

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Small Groups are a great way to meet people at Mount Carmel and to grow in your faith with others. Our Small Groups are usually 6-15 people and meet at homes throughout our area.

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If you have questions about Mount Carmel,  are interested in the mission and vision of the church, Meet Mount Carmel is for you. This class, led by a volunteer or member of our staff, will give you a snapshot of each of Mount Carmel’s ministries.  Meet Mount Carmel is usually offered twice a month, once on campus on a Sunday morning and once online on a Wednesday evening. There are some breaks during the summer and during the Christmas season.

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